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Engineering Evaluation

Our experts will examine the security of your facility and give recommendations for improvement and optimization of its security level:
•         Location of the facility: surrounding buildings, roads, vegetation;
•         Availability and condition of fencing, gates, doors, locking devices; inspection of the perimeter of the facility;
•         Identification of the most dangerous areas, gaps in the access control system;
•         Facility approaches and drive-ins;
•         Condition of illumination at night (for development of the circuit of a video surveillance system and the diagram of operation and equipping of physical protection);
•         Inspection of the existing security systems;
•         Identification of other potential threats;
•         The client’s requests;
•         Facility examination in order to determine the necessary and optimal protection system;
•         Development of a protection system, including preparation of recommendations on the technical security of the facility;
•         Creation of the necessary service documentation that regulates the check-point mode, operation of guards, and control over compliance with the requirements for protection of the facility;
•         Organization of work safety in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
•         Elimination of harassment on the basis of organizational and legal measures, engineering and technical security instruments.