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Information security

1. Surveying the vulnerability of automated systems and premises for confidential negotiations.
- Collection and analysis of the basic data on the protected organization facilities, the used technology of automated data processing and transmission of discussed information;
- Collection and analysis of the information on the existing organizational and regulatory documents to ensure information security;
- Identification of critical information flows and the properties of the circulating information on the protected facilities in terms of ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability (storage);
- Creation of the list of protected organization facilities with categorization of confidential information;
- Development of offers on improvement of information security management system.
2. Identification of internal and external threats.
- Assessment of the potential of likely competitors;
- Identification of security threats regarding the organization information;
- Inspection of premises, vehicles for introduction of technical means of intelligence;
- Evaluation of the personnel loyalty;
- Implementation of information control hardware and software, audit of the introduced control.
3. Creation and modernization of organization security.
- Implementation of a range of engineering work on the protected facility information security;
- Installation and commissioning of certified means and systems of information security;
- Protection against leakage of personal data and confidential information.