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Operative and analytical evaluation

The security system is a system that ensures sustainability of the company, protection of lives and health of the personnel, prevents theft of financial and material resources, disclosure, leaks and destruction of proprietary information, malfunctioning of hardware and software, and ensures implementation of production activities.
Examination of the facility in order to determine the necessary and optimal protection system includes:
•         Systematic analysis of the protected facility (sensitive areas), definition of external and internal sources of criminal risk, study of the operational environment that evolves around the protected facility and in its immediate vicinity, in order to take necessary measures to prevent emergencies or liquidate their consequences;
•         Advising and submission of recommendations on legal protection against unlawful encroachments;
•         Development of plans and schemes of cooperation with law enforcement authorities during crisis situations;
•         Ensuring confidentiality of the activities of the company, its subsidiaries, and implemented events in order to prevent unauthorized transfer of trade secrets;
•         Forecasting and early identification and removal of threats to security of the personnel and resources of the company;
•         Predicting the causes and conditions conducive to causing financial, material and moral damage, disruption of a normal functioning and development of the company;
•         Establishment of a mechanism and conditions of operational response to threats;
•         Elimination of harassment on the basis of organizational and legal measures, engineering and technical security equipment.