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Protection of confidential information and personal data

- Inspection of premises, equipment, and systems to identify technical channels of leakage of information that constitutes commercial secrets;
- Protection of premises, equipment, and systems from information leakage through technical channels;
- Protection of information systems from unauthorized access;
- Special studies and special testing of equipment and systems;
- Delivery, installation, and commissioning of security equipment and systems;
- Delivery, installation, and commissioning of armored computer and communication equipment;
- Creation, modernization and maintenance of information systems; consulting support;
- Protection of the communication, power, grounding cablework;
- Guaranteed destruction of magnetic media that contain confidential information with their subsequent disposal;
- Development of the facility information security concept;
- Drawing up of organizational and administrative and normative and methodical documents on information security at the protected facility;
- Provision of methodical support in conducting internal investigations into disclosure, loss, erasure (destruction or modification) of information;
- Consulting and auditing services in the field of voice data and information security of automated systems.
Special inspections of premises, vehicles, and land areas:
- Identification of possible locations of information interception;
- Identification of eavesdropping devices on the premises, in the vehicles, and in the area;
- Inspection after the change of the interior of the room or repair work.
As a result of the implemented operations, the client is consulted and documents with recommendations for the protection of the facility are issued.
When determining the cost of the operations, a flexible pricing policy applies with an individual approach to each client.