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A complex security includes activities that are based on a high level of professional training of colleagues, constant trainings in the adjustment of actions during non-standard and extreme situations. The accumulated experience makes it possible to organize any complex activity efficiently and competently.
To ensure the high quality of services provided to, our private security company developed a method for verification of our staff services. Our Holding implemented in practice the round-the-clock monitoring system of service staff, which guarantees the high quality of services. In addition to daily monitoring by the immediate line manager, the work of security guards is checked by the Department of Service Control. All the staff has special training that allows them to anticipate in emergency situations and take appropriate preventive measures. Holding in its safeguarding activities relies on the use of only licensed security officers who have received special training. All the staff must pass a test for professional suitability and a probationary period in the company. Ongoing staff training is carried out according to the training activities plan for the year. Routine appraisal is conducted twice a year. Periodically, checking the suitability of the guards to act in conditions associated with the use of special means and firearms. The guards are dressed in uniforms of a standard form, armed with service weapons, equipped with communications equipment and special technical means.
In our daily activities, the employees are constantly improving their skills in close combat, shooting from the service weapon, the actions in unusual situations. Our staffs have extensive experience in a Bodyguard of the Chief Executives of the large financial and industrial enterprises.
Specialists of technical security means department professionally develop, design and install the optimal system of protection and technical control, given the specificity of each particular object and wishes of our customers.
The application and skillful use of monitoring and surveillance technical systems, fire alarm systems with output of alarm signal to the remote central monitoring panel provide a high level of protection for stationary objectsand quick response when trying to encroachment on protected property.
The encashment divisionprovides professional collection services for transportation and protection of cash, securities and material valuables. Professional experience of our guards can minimize the risks associated with the attacks on the clients` property.
Duty officer and the Rapid Response Unit(RRU) operate every day, around-the-clock.