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Escort of material valuables

Protection and escort of cargoes is carrying out during transportation by different modes of transport on the territory of the Russian Federation. The guard and escort units are formed from among the best trained staff, having served for at least five years and specially trained. All employees have a state license to work with weapons, equipped with mobile and radio communications and modern means of protection. Secure escorting of the cargos and the crew formation shall be based on features of routes, cargo and transport modes involved in transportation. The experience and professionalismof our specialists guarantee a high efficiency and safety in the field of secure escorting of the cargos. Throughout the route the customer has detailed information on reaching the cargos. If necessary, the security guards could accept the role of expedition.
For transportation of material valuables, our company provides special vehicles, including armored ones. Security guards are armed with firearms, equipped with means of protection and professional means of communications.