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Rapid Response Unit

Rapid Response Unit (RRU) is a mobile unit that consists of a highly qualified personnel. The division is made up of officers that have been trained to quickly respond to changing operational environment for emergency assistance to individuals and entities in case of suddenly emerging crises. The unit operates on a 24-hour basis, and the officers are staffed with firearms and special equipment (if necessary), armored vehicles, protective equipment and communications. If necessary, multiple units can be used.
The RRU provides an immediate advance, immediate action, and practical assistance:
  • in cases of criminal activities with respect to the protected property or persons (assault, robbery, shopbreak, theft, threats, or provocation);
  • in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, during operational and investigative activities at the scene;
  • in case of various high-risk assignments and using operational-mode experience;
  • in case of suddenly emerging assignments directed at meeting, parting, and accompanying with the use of VIP personal protection elements;
  • in case of implementation of undercover protection of the company’s personnel and clients on all serviced sites;
  • in case of traffic accidents, in which a representative of the customer is involved;
  • in case of injuries, sudden distress associated with movement impossibility;
  • in case of accidents at the sites;
  • if improvement of site protection is required;
  • in case of fire.
In order to perform their duties, the RRU officers shall be entitled to:
  • use physical force, special means and firearms;
  • detain illegal encroachers on the protected property at the site of the offense, with immediate transfer of such persons to the internal affairs agencies;
  • use technical and other means that cause no harm to life and health of citizens (including armored vehicles);
  • use operational radio communications tools.
In case of an emergency, a Rapid Response Unit is immediately sent to the client. If necessary, our Company provides armored (5th and 6th protection grades), SUV, and escort vehicles.