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Stationary objects protection

Stationary object protection activities are implemented by licensed security guards on a contractual basis. Prior to the object being admitted for protection, our specialists will conduct an operational and technical inspection to determine the necessary and optimal security system to be used for this specific facility. Then,the client will be provided with recommendations that are directed at ensuring the safety of the object. After the information has been collected, processed, systematized, and analyzed, a security concept is developed for each object, including the technical security of the latter. Protection activities at the facility may be implemented using both technology and communication means and firearms and special equipment (if necessary). A plan of emergency activities is coordinated with the client, which also includes the means of notification of the latter about the incident. In case of emergency, the duty security guards will be backed up by rapid response unit specialists.
The following tasks are solved during organization of stationary object protection activities:
•      Protection of life and health of employees of the protected company;
•      Immediate response to emergencies;
•      Protection of inventory;
•      Ensuring security when moving money and commodity valuables;
•      Control over fire-safety activities implementation;
Stationary object protection activities:
• ensuring public order in the territory of the protected object;
• implementation of access control for employees and visitors, control of vehicles at the site;
• periodic patrolling of the territory, including inspection of inaccessible areas;
• prevention of any attempts of theft of inventory, as well as of unauthorized removal of documents and property from the protected object.
The use of modern technology, such as access control system, video surveillance security system, and centralized control surveillance posts provide an opportunity to ensure complete protection of your facility and business.