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The Technical Security Systems

One of the Security Enterprises Group ALFA-ANTICRIMINAL priorities is the development and installation of the Technical Security Systems:
•automatic fire and security network system;
•technical safety means;
• automatic fire alarm system;
• perimeter security system;
• tele (video) surveillance system;
• access control and management system.
At the same time great attention is paid to the integration of tactics and strategies of protection. With our level of engineering means your security will always be on top.
The Technical Security Systemsare a complex of electronic devices, fulfilling a range of scheme determined functions intended to increase the efficiency of security services. The Technical Security Systemsembrace an extremely wide range of uses in a complex of security services and have become an integral part of this complex.
Depending on the assigned functions, the Technical security systems can be classified as the following independent or integrated systems:
•Site Access Control Management SACM
•Fire and Security Alarm system FSA
•Tele (video) vision system
•Early notification and communication system
•Perimeter security system
•Centralized object vision system
The security enterprises group ALFA-ANTICRIMINAL is ready to offer you the whole range of services for the Technical Security Systems consulting, engineering, design, installation, exploitation and maintenance.