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Designing and assembly

After the client approved the Conception of functioning of TSB (Technical task) and on its basis, the section of TSB works out a project on each of used subsystems with presentation to the client of album with projects and account evaluations to it. The projects are realized according to State Standards, guiding documents and in standard formats. Selected equipment is indicated in the  Conception and approved by the client.

Our company cooperates with leading suppliers of equipment of ТSB and guarantees  timely delivery of qualitative equipment and immediate replacement in case of malfunction. Employees of the section of ТSB carry on uninterrupted control of the market and new elaborations in the field of ТSB.
After approval of the project, the employees of the section deliver equipment corresponding to the project on the object and realize professional assembly, putting into service, adjustment and tuning of the systems of ТSB. Warranty (1 year) and out-of-warranty (according to an additional agreement) service of the system of ТSB for assembly and equipment is granted to the Client.
If necessary, employees of the section of TSB work out operating instructions for the system of TSB by employees of security. The instruction is coordinated and approved by the client.
The governing body of our Holding carries on a strict selection of pretenders for vacancies in the section of ТSB. All employees executing assembly, putting into service, adjustment and tuning of the systems of ТSB have higher engineering and technical education and big operational experience in this direction. Our employees realized very different and difficult schemes of installation and connection of equipment according to specific character of each object and according to wishes of clients.