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Panel protection of objects

The panel protection of objects is a complex of technical security equipment and transmission of alarm signals to the Central Monitoring Panel (CMP) by radio channels, GSM and Moscow city telephone network. Using the latest hi-tech developments allows us to connect to the CMP.
Various sensors and control devices integrated into a complex that monitors the occurrence of abnormal situations in a guarded object. In the case of response, mounted alarm signal is sent to Central Monitoring Panel. The operator’s monitor instantly displays information about the type of alarm (entry, smoke, gas leak, etc.).
The operator shall immediately notify the appropriate service about that signal, and then The Group of Fast Responseleaves to the guarded object. After receiving a signal of indoor smoke, the MES fire-patrols come to the facility. In any case, when receiving an alarm, the operator will notify you or your authorized representatives of the contingency situation.

Using the service of panel protection gives our clients a range of additional features. For example, signal “withdrawal from protection under duress”, is an opportunity to establish a night guarding mode in the premises or to install the custody of a separate room, to impose temporary restrictions on the opening of the facility, to receive a monthly report on the alarm system operation (who and when opened / closed the object, whether switched off the electricity or telephone line).
 Advantages of panel protection:
•         technical reliability of installed systems;
•         response by specially trained Groups of Fast Response;
•         operational round-the-clock service and technical support;
•         availability of professional liability insurance;
•          possibility to insure the objects in Insurance Company - partner, at a special rate, which is significantly lower than normal offers of other insurers;