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Technical inspection of the objects

Technical safety means (TSM) are an integral part of an integrated security system of the object. The application of TSB significantly improves the safety - control of perimeters and areas, access control, protection against unauthorized entry into buildings and premises of buildings and archive footage from video surveillance systems, etc.
Initially, the developing of TSM begins with the operational and technical inspection. It includes the departure of professionals on site and to its security assessment:
•The location of the object - the surrounding buildings, roads, vegetation;
•Availability and condition of fences, gates, gates, doors, locking devices, inspection of the perimeter of the object;
•Identify the most dangerous areas, gaps in the access control system;
•Approaches, entrances to the facility;
•The lighting condition at night (for developing a layout of the video surveillance system and equipping of physical protection);
•Inspection of the existing TSM;
•Identification of other potential threats;
•The client’s requests.
Based on the operational and technical inspection, specialists of the TSM department carry out a comprehensive analysis and draw up a Concept for the TSM construction and functioning, directly linked to the design diagram and procedure for the functioning of physical protection. The concept includes:
·         Detailed description of survey results;
·         Recommendations about the elimination of shortages which are in the client's competence;
·         Composition, features, basic functions of the offered TSM system;
·         Composition and the description of each of the subsystems - the access control system (SKUD), security alarm systems, fire alarm systems, perimeter security system, video surveillance system;
·         Estimated (pre-design) cost of the offered TSM system.